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     Their cleaners made my home sparkle. Bermondsey Cleaning cleaned my property from top to bottom and did a sterling job.
Cara D.20/11/2017
     Hired Cleaning Bermondsey to help me with some general house cleaning, like helping with the floor cleaning, oven cleaning, things of that nature. They did a great job and were very fast! They are the best!
Timothy G.28/07/2017
     My sofas were starting to look like a nightmare due to general wear and tear. Although they are darker in colour, I was starting to see them not look as fresh as they had previously looked. The cleaners at Cleaning Company Bermondsey did a fantastic job with my upholstery cleaning. Would happily recommend.
     I used to be very, very stubborn about house cleaning companies but when I found Bermondsey-Cleaners I decided that my stubbornness had absolutely no foundation. The first time ever I hired them (and a cleaning company for that matter) was when my kid stained my carpet with ketchup. Ever since then, I have been using the services of this company and I am more than happy with it!
Kate 17/03/2015
     I was getting older and couldn't manage the housework anymore. My daughter booked a cleaning company shed used and trusted for me. Bermondsey-Cleaners were super. The cleaners were polite and friendly and took good care with the cleaning of my precious belongings and ornaments that I had owned for a long time. The cleaners did a wonderful job dusting, polishing, washing, mopping, vacuuming and scrubbing every detail. The place looked wonderful when they had finished. I now look forward to the weekly appointment. It is unquestionably good value for money and wonderful to have a neat and tidy house.
Edna S.27/02/2015
     I've struggled to keep up with my house cleaning since a bad knee injury, but Bermondsey-Cleaners have ensured that my home has never looked cleaner. These are very professional staff and cleaners that really care about their work, it's great to see such an efficient and dedicated company that isn't too expensive. Thanks for the help!
Daniel Robin29/01/2015
     I like to think that I'm up to scratch on what does and what does not make a good cleaner. In that regard, the help which I hired from Bermondsey-Cleaners is among the best I've ever seen. And that's before you factor in the price, which was well below what I was expecting to pay. Got to say that the whole package is very enticing and I think it's easy to see why so many people choose to hire these guys. Great company from every perspective.
Ian Rice07/01/2015
     I regularly hold gatherings at my home and as much as I enjoy doing do, I hate the cleaning I need to do afterwards. Guests can leave footprints, crumbs, spills and more, so I call Bermondsey-Cleaners for help. Their cleaning team comes to my house and restores it to the perfect condition afterwards. If I need a clean home before or after I invite guests, I know they can do everything I require. I don't know what I'd do without them.
Martin Stanton18/12/2014
     Doing the cleaning is something my housemates and I were always very bad at. We decided to all chip in and hire a cleaning company and Bermondsey-Cleaners were the cleaners we went with. They do get the job done for us and they do it pretty well. When they've been round, the floor is very shiny, the kitchen completely clear and fresh and the bathroom and shower room are very clean. I am pleased we used this cleaning company because they are very good at what they do and they don't cost a great deal to hire - it's well within our budget.
Alex Peterson14/11/2014
     Keeping my home in good shape is very important to me, but unfortunately cleaning isn't my strong point. The same definitely can't be said for Bermondsey-Cleaners though - they do a great job! Their prices are more than reasonable, and their staff are brilliant at their job and easy to chat with. I was not expecting a service that cost so little to make such an impact, but my flat looks fantastic now. I highly recommend them to anyone - even if you're having second thought. My experience with them was great, and I don't see why it won't be for you too.
Mel V.21/08/2014
     I own a small but very busy café and our cleaning of the kitchen and seating area always has to be carried out in the evening when we have “shut shop”. I had found lately that I just couldn't get the place as clean as I used to. I was told about a company who specialize in catering cleaning so I decided to give them a call. I employed them to thoroughly clean my café and that they did. With specialist degreasing equipment and more they did a fantastic job at an attractive price. I would recommend Bermondsey-Cleaners for anyone who requires this type of service.
Royston Hackle24/07/2014
     I was so pleased with the cleaning service I received from Bermondsey-Cleaners. My friend had used them for a while before shed shared her good find. I arranged a spring clean service first so the house could be completely sanitised. I had left some of the jobs I couldn't manage so dust and cobwebs had built up. The cleaners arrived on time, dressed smartly in a works uniform, and with a lot of cleaning materials and tools. The cleaners were friendly and chatty, and did a great job. When the work was complete, my home looked great and immaculately clean.
Dorothy Crawford12/06/2014
     I have just recently used Bermondsey-Cleaners to get my new bungalow in order and they did a terrific job. I organised a deep cleaning home service and got a first class job done for my money. The work was done to a high standard and quickly. The cleaning girls covered all aspects of my housework and the place shines now. I would certainly suggest anybody needing help with a cleaning service to call this comp nay they are great bunch. From the office staff to the cleaners, they are polite and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble they go that extra mile for you.
Jinnie G.26/05/2014
     I would just like to say a massive thank you to the fabulous and remarkable Bermondsey-Cleaners. ‘WOW' was my first word when I walked through my front door, after work today. The first thing that I noticed was the incredible fresh smell, its lush and then as I looked around I could see that everything is gleaming, you guys really do work wonders and the results of your hard work is evident, I will definitely be re-booking for next month, I really don't know how you guys do it, I would never be able to get it looking like this.
     I would definitely rate Bermondsey-Cleaners as a great company for any of your day to day cleaning work. I love how much time I have now that I don't need to do housework, and I have developed a great friendship with my regular cleaner who leaves my home gleaming clean after every visit. I don't know how they work so quickly because they really do not cut corners and their work is of the highest quality- and they don't even seem to break into a sweat. Don't think I could fault the service on any level so I don't think anybody could look past this company.
Adele Simpson08/04/2014
     I needed good office cleaners and that too ASAP. The previous cleaners broke my expensive printing machine and after that I was sceptical about hiring Bermondsey-Cleaners. However, I take back everything that I ever thought since these cleaners are the best! Not only do they clean my office so that it looks immaculate, but they are also very careful around my equipment, meaning that my belongings are safe. They worked around my office hours so there was no disruption - I am a happy client and will recommend this company to everyone who is looking for a great office cleaning service.
Tim Jones27/03/2014
     This is a great professional cleaning service and I don't know how I would have managed to cope without their help! My house was an absolute tip! With kids, pets, and lots of people coming and going, my house is a busy environment, and everything from my carpets to my bathroom reflected that! As head of such a hectic household, I needed to get cleaning, but with so many other jobs to get done, it was becoming just too much for me! Bermondsey-Cleaners managed to help me with their affordable services, and they leave my house looking like something out of a magazine every single week! I couldn't be happier with their services, and I'm more than glad that I chose a cleaner from this company!
Diane L.25/02/2014
     Given that your offices really do show your business in physical form, I feel that office cleaning is essential. I'm a little busy to be running around the place with a hoover, so I get Bermondsey-Cleaners in every other evening, when everyone has left the building. It's like Christmas, we leave in the evening, and come back in the morning and it's sparkling, like magic! The company are very good, and ensure that no one's work is disrupted, but that everything gets cleaned extremely well.